Saturday, April 2, 2011

I cleaned!

I cleaned off my desk today. Thought I would share my scrap area with you. I bought the white rolling cart after Christmas. I wish it were black but it doesn't come in black. I really like it. It holds ribbon on the side (2 rows), the top is open with cubes on the inside for punches and stuff. It came with cheap white baskets but I found these fun polka dot ones at Target, they fit perfectly!!!! I bought my desk from Pottery Barn and my husband has a matching one in this same room (but he has a different hutch). I have all my carts in a black chest I found at Hobby Lobby (not shown). My husband installed lights under the hutch, they help out a lot. He also put up 2 strips of metal so I can hang stuff as needed. The old cameras on top of my hutch were my Mom and Dads. They didn't want them any more so I took them. We would love to turn this room into an artsy kind of room. But right now, my husband decorated it with a Safari theme. We spend more time in our study than any other room in our house. Thanks for looking!


Tanya said...

Yay for you! You have been busy doing one of my LEAST favorite! Everything is looking good, I love that desk! I bet those lights are great for task lighting. And that little cart on wheels sounds great. Ok, now that everything is so nice and neat, you know what you have to do...that's right...get in there and make it messy again! The hard work is go have fun and make something! Hope you enjoy!

Audrey Frelx said...

Girlfriend, I need to clean too but lately I've been procrastinating! Anyway, once I get it cleaned I'm just going to pull everything right back out to craft and end up back where it was, so I figure why not just!!!

But I'm proud of you for going at it!!!