Saturday, January 28, 2012


Cool LEDs that change colors.

Windows are electronically tinted, even when they are tinted all the way, you can still see out. It takes about 90 seconds for them to fully change, but you can see the change start to happen within seconds of pushing the dimmer button.

Business class - anyone want a nap?

This was the third one to EVER fly!

Everyone can watch a movie of their cool it that?

We had a rare opportunity to tour a 787 Dreamliner, what a masterpiece it is! This will definitely be scrapped!

Friday, January 27, 2012

I see Butterflies

To create this battery operated candle holder, I bought a rose bowl and a candle holder. I purchased a 3D butterfly file from the Silhouette Library and got cutting. First, I etched the glass. Once the etching was done, started adding my butterflies. I worked from the top down. I used E6000 to glue them on to the glass. I placed the battery operated candle on the candle holder then placed the rose bowl on top (upside down). The candle holder is silver - even though it looks gold, sorry for the bad lighting.

If you enlarge the first picture you can see the candle inside the bowl.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mason Jar - Soap Dispenser

I found this idea at Blissfully Content.

I love how her's turned out but without the proper items on hand, I hand to improvise. (Because I couldn't wait to try this project!)

Luckily, my husband was making chicken fettucine alfredo tonight so while he was grilling the chicken, I got busy removing the label on the jar. I spray painted the top to match the Aveeno lotion dispenser. I will probably change this in the future, I really would like silver instead.

Visit Julia's website and take a peak at her canning jar soap dispenser as well as her other great ideas.

Birthday Shirt

My daughter and I made this shirt for her Birthday party. I made the cupcake and she added the rhinestones. I bought the cupcake from the SIL library.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Large Rosette

I am intrigued by rosettes and how they work...even though I work in an engineering "field" I am NOT an engineer. I am the ONE that keeps the engineers on track. I cut the rosette file at 2.5 x 11.88. Guess what I found out...I need 2 at that size. I cut another one, taped them together, then added a circle in the middle to the back and front. Next, I cut another rosette at the original size, 1.08 x 11.88 and a circle at .930" (one for the front and one for the back). Voila, another rosette!

Edited to add:
I took 2 pieces of 12 x 12 pattern paper and glued them together since I want this to be pretty from the front and back. The back is pink and I added a circle to the middle as I did on the front, I plan to add another rosette to the back. This will be part of a bouquet I am using for my daughter's birthday party.

Another look at my pinwheels

The title should say, "Another look at OUR pinwheels".

I was able to get these pinwheels so they spin today. I picked up the last eyelet setter Hobby Lobby had. I didn't get the Big Bite as planned. Thanks to my hubby for helping with this project. He said anytime scrapbooking involves a hammer, he is willing to help. It was fun working together and the project went by so fast (too fast for him)!

Same idea, different day...

I am about to fire my I had him retake the pic below because it was too dark...

I made these pinwheels as one of the party gifts for my daughter's birthday party. Tomorrow I must buy a big bite so I can make these pinwheels spin-able! I made some for the boys and some for the girls. There are dinosaurs, monkeys, cupcakes and art deco on these pencil toppers.

The kids helped with this project by putting erasers on the top of the presharpened colored pencils.

I plan to use this as a table decoration and hand the pinwheels out as the kids leave the party.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Invitations

(Click to enlarge)

I made these invitations for daughter's birthday party. She has been so excited to have a party for months. She wanted to have it at home but I wasn't up to all the work, so she had to settle for something else (bad Mommy!).

I embossed the blue layer with a snowflake folder and then inked it with white craft ink. Love this effect! I made the envelopes because I didn't have any nice sturdy envelopes on hand.

My husband helped with this project by embossing the envelope inserts and also blurring out the important information on the invitation. Wahhooo, thanks honey!

Stay tuned for party decorations in the near future!

Sunday, January 15, 2012


(Click picture to enlarge)

I made these Valentine treat bags for my daughter's class. I am a little early, trying to stay on top of things. I have more to make, I just haven't put the candy in the bags yet. I found the candy at Cracker Barrel, not our favorite place to eat, but they serve breakfast all day :-)

I tried cutting this paper with my Imagine but it kept eating my paper, so I quickly abandoned that idea, bought a dinosaur file from SIL and got busy! I cut 3 dinosaurs with Kraft paper and once with the pattern paper. I wanted it to be sturdy since the dinosaur is kinda hanging off the sides.

Thanks to my hubby for taking this picture for me, isn't he sweet?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lettering Delights File used with SIL Studio

I have been wanting to play with SVG files and haven't really known what to do. With the help of Jin's Website, I was able to get a couple of images imported in to the SIL software. This is a bag I purchased from Lettering Delights. The download came with the .gsd file I needed to open in the SIL Software. This is so exciting, I love having options. It has been fun learning something new.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, January 6, 2012

160 cuts in about 2 hours

I am room mom for my daughter's class and I told her teacher months ago, I can cut images for her if she ever needs anything. In Nov and Dec she had time slots for us to come in and craft with the kids and we could do our own projects if we wanted. If you remember we did the Turkey bags and the Gingerbread houses. After that, she asked me to cut gingerbread people for her and this week she asked me to cut 60 snowflakes and 100 mittens.

For this project, I had to break out the Imagine. I was planning to have 3 machines working at once, but I didn't have the energy to set up the third, haha. I used my Cameo to cut the really fancy snowflakes and I used the Imagine to cut the other snowflakes and the mittens.

It took about 2 hours I think. I had extra mats so I could have a mat ready when one came out. The Imagine tried to eat 2 of my mats, not sure what happened, but one of the mats, I will not put back in the machine, it bent the corner and I am scared to use it again.

The Cameo was definitely quieter than the Imagine. My husband even commented on it without me even asking him. The other thing I liked about the Cameo was that I used the SIL Studio Software to maximize my cutting space. I could have done this with the Gypsy and the Imagine but to me, that was too much trouble since my Gypsy isn't even charged right now. I have never found the Gypsy to be a must have tool for me. I know a lot of ppl have it and love it - that is great. I wish I loved it as much.

So, with the Cameo, I was able to cut 8 - 4" snowflakes on a 12 x 12 piece of paper and with the Imagine, I only got 4 on a page. Both machines cut really well. I hope my kids are not disappointed I accomplished this project on my own tonight. I told them they may have to help and they seemed happy about that.

I plan to make a 3D robot with my son tomorrow, if time permits. He brought out the robot cart and was talking about one of the robots he wanted - but said I didn't have to make it if I didn't want to. I had read a long time ago on the MB that is was impossible to put together, but I know we can do it!

I wasn't sure I could complete this project in a weekend. I actually was a little scared, glad everything went so well.

I'll be impressed if you make it through this entire post...haha Sorry it was so long!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Tin Roof...Rusted!

The barn

The barn roof

My Dad's hat we found in the barn

Guess who these hands belong to...

I am working on a layout of pictures we took at a barn on my parent's farm (just before it was burned down). My husband walks by and says "Nice layout", really? haha, he cracks me up! What does he know about layouts? I guess he does pay attention. him!

BTW, the thread name is from a song and it is my layout theme...know it?