Friday, January 6, 2012

160 cuts in about 2 hours

I am room mom for my daughter's class and I told her teacher months ago, I can cut images for her if she ever needs anything. In Nov and Dec she had time slots for us to come in and craft with the kids and we could do our own projects if we wanted. If you remember we did the Turkey bags and the Gingerbread houses. After that, she asked me to cut gingerbread people for her and this week she asked me to cut 60 snowflakes and 100 mittens.

For this project, I had to break out the Imagine. I was planning to have 3 machines working at once, but I didn't have the energy to set up the third, haha. I used my Cameo to cut the really fancy snowflakes and I used the Imagine to cut the other snowflakes and the mittens.

It took about 2 hours I think. I had extra mats so I could have a mat ready when one came out. The Imagine tried to eat 2 of my mats, not sure what happened, but one of the mats, I will not put back in the machine, it bent the corner and I am scared to use it again.

The Cameo was definitely quieter than the Imagine. My husband even commented on it without me even asking him. The other thing I liked about the Cameo was that I used the SIL Studio Software to maximize my cutting space. I could have done this with the Gypsy and the Imagine but to me, that was too much trouble since my Gypsy isn't even charged right now. I have never found the Gypsy to be a must have tool for me. I know a lot of ppl have it and love it - that is great. I wish I loved it as much.

So, with the Cameo, I was able to cut 8 - 4" snowflakes on a 12 x 12 piece of paper and with the Imagine, I only got 4 on a page. Both machines cut really well. I hope my kids are not disappointed I accomplished this project on my own tonight. I told them they may have to help and they seemed happy about that.

I plan to make a 3D robot with my son tomorrow, if time permits. He brought out the robot cart and was talking about one of the robots he wanted - but said I didn't have to make it if I didn't want to. I had read a long time ago on the MB that is was impossible to put together, but I know we can do it!

I wasn't sure I could complete this project in a weekend. I actually was a little scared, glad everything went so well.

I'll be impressed if you make it through this entire post...haha Sorry it was so long!


Audrey Frelx said...

Wow, I wish I could afford a Cameo right not but budget won't allow it! Your cut-outs turned out great. I've found none of my cricuts give me great intricate cuts and the Siloeute and Cameo I understand both do great intricate cuts. Funny, girlfriend, but I'm not a big Gypsy user either although I do have one.

Can't wait to see your robot you do for your son!!!

Thanks too for alllllways, always coming by to see me -- you're a wonderful and sweet person, and I just love you!!!


Tanya said...

You must have been some kinda busy, running around loading and unloading! But, you got it done and it sounds like you did it in record time! I hope that teacher appreciates all you do...I taught K5 and preschool for years and NEVER had a mother to help out the way that you's awesome that you are able to help! Guess what? Sweet talked my hubby into a Cameo!! I'm so, so excited! It is due to be shipped on the 16th and I can't wait! I will probably be sending you messages left and right for advice...hope you're up to being my tutor!!!