Thursday, April 28, 2011


Wanted to give you an update. We have awesome neighbors who helped clear our driveway this morning. We went for a walk this afternoon and boy are we lucky! There are houses in our neighborhood that are destroyed. The destruction within a half mile from our house wil bring tears to your eyes my husband said. Houses gone...nothing but slabs left and people sifting through to see what is left.

We wil not have power for 5, 7 , 9 days. They say we will lose water soon. No phone service and cell phones are extremly hard to get through. Couldnt reach my parents until about 7pm.

We had chicken tenders, fish sticks, carrots and tater tots for dunner. Thank goodness for the camp stove. We r eating mostly out of the freezer so it doesnt waste.

My company doesnt shut down, but we are suspended until further notice.

Have you seen this on the news where you live?

I am posting via my phone...and will continue to as long as I can.

Thanks for the prayers!!!!! Hugs to you all!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy day but we are ok

what a day!!! school delayed only to close within an hour. Tornado went over our house, it sounded just like a train!!! neihbors tree is blocking our driveway. we have a tree that is resting on our power line. my parents, and sisters have significant damage. my sister in laws house was destroyed. my dad had a huge shed, it is gone. pics coming when we get power and cable again. 330,000 without power here. soooo happy everyone is ok!!!!!! Tomorrow is supposed to be nice. thank goodness, after 7 hours of in and out of our safe place is exhausting. sirens r going off everywhere, roads are is crazy here...glad we r all safe.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SIL Print and Cut

Printed images

Cut images


My daughter is graduating from preschool in May. We have a project for graduation...we have to trace the letter "C" onto a poster, cut it out and decorate it with items that begin with letter "C". They suggested cutting images out of a magazine...haha, no way!

These are my first images for her letter. Doesn't the little cat look like a Pet Shop toy??? I think she is going to love it when I show her tomorrow morning. Her Pet Shop animals are her favorite toy!

I am soooo happy I didn't have to calibrate the SIL like I had to with my Imagine (which I never got calibrated 100%). When I have a little extra time, I am going to get my Imagine out and try to get it calibrated correctly.

These images were all blank - meaning they had no color, I was able to choose the color and pattern in the SIL Studio software. I need to learn how to import my own...not sure I can even do that.

I haven't embellished these, just wanted to let you know...I'm still scrapping! :-)

Hope you guys are having a good week. Tomorrow is Professional Admin Day so I am taking in the bouquet I made for our OA in along with a breakfast casserole. I arranged for everyone (about 80 people in our building) to bring in snacks for a snack day. She is getting a gift card, a snack basket and some fresh flowers. Should be a good day!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Day 3 - Flower with Candy Center

I think I am done, what do you think?

Day 3 - Flower with Candy Center

I think I am finished with my project..I am off to take pics!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2 - Flower with candy center

(updated with ribbon around the center of the flower)

While I was at work this morning, the thought of swirls with beads to match the candy popped in my head. I was able to leave work a tad bit early and thank goodness my daughter was awake when I picked her up from preschool...we rushed to Michaels as I explained to her how we had to quickly shop so we could make it to school to pick up my son on time. She did GREAT and we made it to pick up my son on time!!!

So, when I should have been working tonight, I was playing with my Expression, beads and flock. I cut the swirls at 3 1/2" (I used left over food packaging [boxes] to make the swirl stronger). Then, I inked the edges. Next, I glued the swirl to a dowel, then I embellished! I added Stickles to the middle of the beads to hide the hole.

I am still not finished with this project - I forgot to buy some ribbon. ;-( Another shopping trip to add to the list for this busy weekend!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flower with candy center

(Click picture to enlarge)

(Click pic to enlarge)

This is an unfinished project but I wanted to show you my idea from last night. I cut the flower using my Gypsy and Expression, yes I pulled my Expression out and used it again, finally!

To cut the fabric, I ironed Heat N Bond (HNB) to the back then I placed the HNB directly on my sticky mat. I cut it probably 6-8 times but this fabric is so thick it wouldn't quite cut all the way through so I used a cutting knife to free the flower from the fabric. I frayed the edges a bit more with my fingernails.

For the center of the flower, I used a 1.99 candy mold from Hobby Lobby and cut one mold out in a circle shape. For stability I cut a flower from cardstock and taped that to the back of the fabric flower. Next, I put the mold in the center of the flower and then added candy. I cut a circle from a clear plastic bag so it can be easily opened from the back.

Last, I taped the little bags of candy to the stem of the flower which is a wooden dowel.

This is an unfinished project, I want to make more flowers. I want to add some vinyl (maybe) and a bow to the vase.

I am making this for our Office Administrator for Professional Admin Day next week so please provide constructive feedback. She likes my creations and appreciates them- otherwise I wouldn't make this for her. I am lucky to work with a lot of supportive men and women, even though none of them scrapbook.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Projct in work...Sixlets and Fabric

(Click picture to enlarge)

My next project will hopefully include what you see in the above picture. The bird pattern is fabric. I have ironed on Heat N Bond to the back. I am not sure how this project is going to turn out...I was going to try to add a bubble to to the inside of a flower using the pretty candy (unwrapped of course) but now I kinda have a different vision. We will have to see how this turns out. Whatever happens, I think the candy will be a part of this project, even if the fabric gets replaced with paper or a different fabric.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where is Audrey Frelix?

I haven't seen Audrey post in a while, where is she???

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sympathy Card


Envelope and card

Inside card

I made this sympathy card for a co-worker. His mom passed away last week. I used my printer and Silhouette to create this card. I embossed the scalloped frames behind his name on the envelope and I also embossed the back top part of the envelope. On the front of the card, I printed the sentiment on cardstock, then ran it through my Silhouette to cut out the shape I wanted. I added more space for our team to write a message on the inside upper part of the card. I cut the envelope out by hand. Something new I taught myself tonight. No template, just fold and cut. :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Quilting Template turned in to Silhouette Mat

This is the plastic quilting template I bought.

I cut it down to size and put painters tape on each side.

Next, I sprayed with Easy Tac Repositionable adhesive, let dry then put my paper in the appropriate place so I could cut.

Here is the result...worked like magic!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Bunny Treat Bag

I purchased this template from the Silhouette online store. I thought they would be cute for my kids to hand out at school. The face is a scallop, the mouth looks like 2 circles welded together. I used flock on the ears and nose. On the bunny's face and ears, I did a little dry embossing with my Cuttlebug.

Owl Slider Card

Supplies: Silhouette Silhouette Studio Software Cricut Cricut cart Fab. Finds Ribbon Cardstock Ink Cuttlebug Embossing folder Adhesive (of course) I found this envelope for a slider card in my stack of I decided to use it tonight! I hand cut the card with my straight edge, used a corner rounder to round the edges, then I inked the edges. I created this odd little owl using the Silhouette Studio Software. I just used basic shapes to make her, welded everything together, then cut her out with pattern paper. I decided she needed a shadow, so I created the shadow with the same software, cut it out on colored cardstock, then dry embossed with my Cuttlebug. I used Copic markers to fill in the black part of the eyes and the brown nose. I think the original envelop is from the Cricut cart Fab. Finds.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hello!!!! I can't internet :)

hello! I have a post today but our internet is down and probably will be down for a while...bummer!

I will see you guys when I get back online, hopefully that will be Monday.

I miss you guys!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

New Slice Cart

Lion from Slice Zoo-Topia (first cut from this cart!)

Rabbit, also from Zoo-Topia I used my Copic Markers to fill in the pink areas, then I inked the edges. No project of mine is complete without a little embossing, wink wink!

Over the weekend, I pulled my much neglected Slice out of my closet. Found out, I kinda like my Slice more than I orginally thought. Yay!!! Last night I checked out Hobby Lobby's (HL) ad and found out the Slice stuff is on sale this week. 40% off! waahhhhoooo!!!! I overslept this morning (2nd time in the last 2 weeks) - finally made it to work about 8:30, I usually get there about 7am. An older gentleman in my group started a rumor that I am pregnant, my boss thought that as so funny so he came over to tell me when I got to work. Lucky boss is so understanding. It helps that I am a very dependable employee. :-)

I was dying to go to HL to check out the Slice I did and I found the Zoo-Topia cart which reminds me of the Cricut Create a Critter cart. I got back to work only to find out about an hour later - school was closing due to possible bad weather. Ahhhh, seriously! My boss can be hard to find sometimes, he is very I sent him an email and he responded by saying "Sure, making up for coming in late". I had to go into his office before I left and he was laughing about my day...did I mention what a great boss I have???

I should have been working tonight to make up for my lost time, but this cart kept calling my name!

While I was HL, I found a new embossing folder by Quickutz - it is called geometric circles. I am excited to use this new embossing folder!!!

...and no, I am not pregnant! my husband didn't think that was a funny rumor...heehee

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Butterfly card

front of card

inside card

back of card

I made this card using my Slice machine and the Basic Shapes 2 cart. Butterflies are cut at 2", except the little one is 1 1/2".

I love this double sided paper. It is part of the K&Company Swet Nectar die-cut cardmaking pad. I dry embossed the pink paper on the front of the card and also embossed the pattern paper on the inside of the card.

The Scrapcrazy ribbon was given to me by my husband. He had is special made for me as a surprise (a year or so ago).

BFB Award!

Thank you Tanya for the Best Friend Blogger Award!!! I am so glad we are friends!!!!! I look forward to your posts every day. Bloggers, please visit Tanya at and make sure you follow her. You will ♥ her cards and layouts. She always inspires me and even tempts me to get new carts when I see her projects.

1. Post about the award on your blog with a link to the sender.

2. Pass it on to those who visit your blog and leave comments regularly.

I am passing this on to Stacy at Stacy is currently making cards with all the critters on the Cricut Create a Critter cart. Be sure you check out her blog and follow her. Everyone is really enjoying her CAC series. I wonder what she will do next? Follow her and find out!

I would pass this on to Audrey also, but she has received this award. Make sure you visit Audrey at You never know what Audrey is up to...she is so creative and is always doing something new and exciting. Follow her to see all the awesome ideas she comes up with daily!

Thanks again Tanya!!!! Hugs!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Robot Bookmark

Cuttlebug Clockworks dry embossing and Slice Tag Maker cart, cut at Large size.

I used my Slice to cut out this tag. I dry embossed it with Cuttlebugs Clockworks folder, isn't it awesome??? I used the Recollections Robots clear stamp set for the robot. The blue paper is scrap paper left over from the Cricut online class I "took".

This is very simple I know, but I ran out of time tonight. My son will love it no matter what. One good thing about my kids, they love everything I make and cherish it.

Have a good weekend everyone!

Spring Tag/Bookmark

(Click Image to Enlarge)

Today, I decided to use some much neglected tools. I broke out the Slice and Bind it All while my kids were playing with the Cuttle Kids.

To cut the dragonfly and butterfly, I used the Slice Basics 2 cart. I think the dragonfly is cut at 3" and the butterfly is 2". The tag is from the K&Company Sweet Nectar Tag Pad that Tanya sent me :-) (Thanks again, I ♥ it!) The jewels are by Recollections and are also from Tanya. I used the Bind it All as a punch on the top, didn't turn out great but it is OK for my purposes. "Spring" is a stamp (from Tanya, isn't she awesome!) Check her out

I was just playing - not really making this for anything but thought I may put it on a card. Before my daughter went to bed she said she wished I would give it to can I say No??? So, now I have to go make something for my son...he loves for me to make things for him too.

Thanks for looking and leave a comment if you like!

I cleaned!

I cleaned off my desk today. Thought I would share my scrap area with you. I bought the white rolling cart after Christmas. I wish it were black but it doesn't come in black. I really like it. It holds ribbon on the side (2 rows), the top is open with cubes on the inside for punches and stuff. It came with cheap white baskets but I found these fun polka dot ones at Target, they fit perfectly!!!! I bought my desk from Pottery Barn and my husband has a matching one in this same room (but he has a different hutch). I have all my carts in a black chest I found at Hobby Lobby (not shown). My husband installed lights under the hutch, they help out a lot. He also put up 2 strips of metal so I can hang stuff as needed. The old cameras on top of my hutch were my Mom and Dads. They didn't want them any more so I took them. We would love to turn this room into an artsy kind of room. But right now, my husband decorated it with a Safari theme. We spend more time in our study than any other room in our house. Thanks for looking!