Sunday, June 9, 2013

Address Label

How cute is this little bird?  While I was creating a flourish in Inkscape, I noticed one of the shapes I created could be used to create a bird.  While creating the bird, I learned how to create layers in Inkscape (very important to know). 

The font is called "A Yummy Apology".

I love making my own address labels when I have something special to mail.  Now I need to learn how to create a cool frame for address labels.

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Another use for my flourish

I found another use for the flourish I made in Inkscape.  After I saved the image to my Silhouette library, I used it as a print and cut file.  This is a simple notecard.  I printed the image on white paper and used the offset feature to make the black border. 

Also in this picture is my gardenia.  When I bought this gardenia an older gentleman told me it would not survive here...he recommended I plant it near my house.  Well, this plant is very happy here!  It is probably 11 years old and would be taller than our house if we did not keep it trimed.  It is in full bloom right now and smells GREAT!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Flourish made with Inkscape

I have been interested in graphic design, but not sure how to get started besides enrolling in a college course, which I may do, if I can find some spare time.

I used a youtube video to help guide me on the process, but didn't copy his design (which was VERY beautiful).  Here is a link to the youtube video.  He makes it look so easy to make these swirly lines.  I struggled a bit, but stuck with it until I got the look I wanted.  I started the file last night and finished up this morning since I woke up extra early.  :-/

Once I created my flourish I saved it as a .png file, opened it in Silhouette Studio, traced it and cut it.  Sounds simple huh?  ha!  I had to go back to the original Inkscape file and make the lines thicker so I could get the flouish off the mat without ripping it. 

Now I need to add it to my Silhouette library so I can use it in the future...I think this would look great on a layout.