Sunday, June 9, 2013

Flourish made with Inkscape

I have been interested in graphic design, but not sure how to get started besides enrolling in a college course, which I may do, if I can find some spare time.

I used a youtube video to help guide me on the process, but didn't copy his design (which was VERY beautiful).  Here is a link to the youtube video.  He makes it look so easy to make these swirly lines.  I struggled a bit, but stuck with it until I got the look I wanted.  I started the file last night and finished up this morning since I woke up extra early.  :-/

Once I created my flourish I saved it as a .png file, opened it in Silhouette Studio, traced it and cut it.  Sounds simple huh?  ha!  I had to go back to the original Inkscape file and make the lines thicker so I could get the flouish off the mat without ripping it. 

Now I need to add it to my Silhouette library so I can use it in the future...I think this would look great on a layout.

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Sheila said...

Well done you! I have been doing exactly the same, and as you say the you tube videos make it look so easy. I ended up taking a million notes during the video to save me swaping screens constantly and I too ended up making a reasonably good flourish - not quite as intricate as yours though and have been using it on my silhouette. Aren't they fabulous machines :0)
Very impressed with your effort, it's lovely