Monday, April 4, 2011

New Slice Cart

Lion from Slice Zoo-Topia (first cut from this cart!)

Rabbit, also from Zoo-Topia I used my Copic Markers to fill in the pink areas, then I inked the edges. No project of mine is complete without a little embossing, wink wink!

Over the weekend, I pulled my much neglected Slice out of my closet. Found out, I kinda like my Slice more than I orginally thought. Yay!!! Last night I checked out Hobby Lobby's (HL) ad and found out the Slice stuff is on sale this week. 40% off! waahhhhoooo!!!! I overslept this morning (2nd time in the last 2 weeks) - finally made it to work about 8:30, I usually get there about 7am. An older gentleman in my group started a rumor that I am pregnant, my boss thought that as so funny so he came over to tell me when I got to work. Lucky boss is so understanding. It helps that I am a very dependable employee. :-)

I was dying to go to HL to check out the Slice I did and I found the Zoo-Topia cart which reminds me of the Cricut Create a Critter cart. I got back to work only to find out about an hour later - school was closing due to possible bad weather. Ahhhh, seriously! My boss can be hard to find sometimes, he is very I sent him an email and he responded by saying "Sure, making up for coming in late". I had to go into his office before I left and he was laughing about my day...did I mention what a great boss I have???

I should have been working tonight to make up for my lost time, but this cart kept calling my name!

While I was HL, I found a new embossing folder by Quickutz - it is called geometric circles. I am excited to use this new embossing folder!!!

...and no, I am not pregnant! my husband didn't think that was a funny rumor...heehee


Love That Bug said...

Super cute cards, I love that lion

Tanya said...

Sounds like you had some kinda day! Hope the weather was ok for you guys...we got alot of wind and rain here. I've never used a Slice and I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER MACHINE (did I sound convincing?) But, those little critters of your turned out soooo cute! Love all the details and your coloring and embossing..cute, cute, cute! By the hubby would not think a rumor like that was funny either :0)