Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Flower with candy center

(Click picture to enlarge)

(Click pic to enlarge)

This is an unfinished project but I wanted to show you my idea from last night. I cut the flower using my Gypsy and Expression, yes I pulled my Expression out and used it again, finally!

To cut the fabric, I ironed Heat N Bond (HNB) to the back then I placed the HNB directly on my sticky mat. I cut it probably 6-8 times but this fabric is so thick it wouldn't quite cut all the way through so I used a cutting knife to free the flower from the fabric. I frayed the edges a bit more with my fingernails.

For the center of the flower, I used a 1.99 candy mold from Hobby Lobby and cut one mold out in a circle shape. For stability I cut a flower from cardstock and taped that to the back of the fabric flower. Next, I put the mold in the center of the flower and then added candy. I cut a circle from a clear plastic bag so it can be easily opened from the back.

Last, I taped the little bags of candy to the stem of the flower which is a wooden dowel.

This is an unfinished project, I want to make more flowers. I want to add some vinyl (maybe) and a bow to the vase.

I am making this for our Office Administrator for Professional Admin Day next week so please provide constructive feedback. She likes my creations and appreciates them- otherwise I wouldn't make this for her. I am lucky to work with a lot of supportive men and women, even though none of them scrapbook.


Tanya said...! Girl, this is just toooo stinkin' cute! I love it! Sounds like a lot of thought and work went into this, but the end result is just adorable! I think it is plenty cute just the way it is, but post more pics if you add to it. Cute...cute...cute....

Love That Bug said...

What a super cute project. I absolutely love it