Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 2 - Flower with candy center

(updated with ribbon around the center of the flower)

While I was at work this morning, the thought of swirls with beads to match the candy popped in my head. I was able to leave work a tad bit early and thank goodness my daughter was awake when I picked her up from preschool...we rushed to Michaels as I explained to her how we had to quickly shop so we could make it to school to pick up my son on time. She did GREAT and we made it to pick up my son on time!!!

So, when I should have been working tonight, I was playing with my Expression, beads and flock. I cut the swirls at 3 1/2" (I used left over food packaging [boxes] to make the swirl stronger). Then, I inked the edges. Next, I glued the swirl to a dowel, then I embellished! I added Stickles to the middle of the beads to hide the hole.

I am still not finished with this project - I forgot to buy some ribbon. ;-( Another shopping trip to add to the list for this busy weekend!

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Audrey Frelx said...

Hiya, sweetie!!! If this isn't the cutest project ever!!! I'm going to call it one of most favorites! Even if you haven't finished it and put the ribbons on it, it looks beautiful!!!

Glad you enjoyed the evening, with your daughter; we all need to take time from work sometime!

Love ya and hugs honey!