Tuesday, April 26, 2011

SIL Print and Cut

Printed images

Cut images


My daughter is graduating from preschool in May. We have a project for graduation...we have to trace the letter "C" onto a poster, cut it out and decorate it with items that begin with letter "C". They suggested cutting images out of a magazine...haha, no way!

These are my first images for her letter. Doesn't the little cat look like a Pet Shop toy??? I think she is going to love it when I show her tomorrow morning. Her Pet Shop animals are her favorite toy!

I am soooo happy I didn't have to calibrate the SIL like I had to with my Imagine (which I never got calibrated 100%). When I have a little extra time, I am going to get my Imagine out and try to get it calibrated correctly.

These images were all blank - meaning they had no color, I was able to choose the color and pattern in the SIL Studio software. I need to learn how to import my own...not sure I can even do that.

I haven't embellished these, just wanted to let you know...I'm still scrapping! :-)

Hope you guys are having a good week. Tomorrow is Professional Admin Day so I am taking in the bouquet I made for our OA in along with a breakfast casserole. I arranged for everyone (about 80 people in our building) to bring in snacks for a snack day. She is getting a gift card, a snack basket and some fresh flowers. Should be a good day!


Love That Bug said...

Congrats to your daughter for graduating pre school. These images are fantastic. I am so happy you are enjoying SIL.
Great job

Audrey Frelx said...

Hey, sweetie!!! Those images are just tooo cute -- you did fabulous with them!

As for your little sweetie, she's becoming a big girl!!! Congratulations to her!!! Love ya both!!!

I'll be back when I can now!