Thursday, January 19, 2012

Birthday Invitations

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I made these invitations for daughter's birthday party. She has been so excited to have a party for months. She wanted to have it at home but I wasn't up to all the work, so she had to settle for something else (bad Mommy!).

I embossed the blue layer with a snowflake folder and then inked it with white craft ink. Love this effect! I made the envelopes because I didn't have any nice sturdy envelopes on hand.

My husband helped with this project by embossing the envelope inserts and also blurring out the important information on the invitation. Wahhooo, thanks honey!

Stay tuned for party decorations in the near future!

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Tanya said...

What beautiful invitations! I love the pinks and pretty! And I'm all for birthday parties being "somewhere else"!When is your daughter's birthday? My youngest son was born on Feb 6th. Oh...good job from your hubby on the embossing!