Saturday, January 21, 2012

Large Rosette

I am intrigued by rosettes and how they work...even though I work in an engineering "field" I am NOT an engineer. I am the ONE that keeps the engineers on track. I cut the rosette file at 2.5 x 11.88. Guess what I found out...I need 2 at that size. I cut another one, taped them together, then added a circle in the middle to the back and front. Next, I cut another rosette at the original size, 1.08 x 11.88 and a circle at .930" (one for the front and one for the back). Voila, another rosette!

Edited to add:
I took 2 pieces of 12 x 12 pattern paper and glued them together since I want this to be pretty from the front and back. The back is pink and I added a circle to the middle as I did on the front, I plan to add another rosette to the back. This will be part of a bouquet I am using for my daughter's birthday party.