Monday, January 2, 2012

Tin Roof...Rusted!

The barn

The barn roof

My Dad's hat we found in the barn

Guess who these hands belong to...

I am working on a layout of pictures we took at a barn on my parent's farm (just before it was burned down). My husband walks by and says "Nice layout", really? haha, he cracks me up! What does he know about layouts? I guess he does pay attention. him!

BTW, the thread name is from a song and it is my layout theme...know it?


Kristi S said...

great barn! I bet it sounds awesome when it rains! I know the song you're referring to. A friend of mine used to live in a really small house she called her "love shack" LOL

Audrey Frelx said...

The guess who's hands is hysterical!!! I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type... lol!!!

Yep, a really rusty barn roof -- how cool!!!

Happy New Year, my friend -- thanks for the laugh!

Hugs, and love...

Love That Bug said...

Nice barn, and yes it does have a rusty roof. I love the picture of the hands. LOL at your hubby, they do pay attention (sometimes)
Hugs, Stacy

Tanya said... just never know when those hubbys of ours are paying attention! Love your photos and that barn is really great hate that it was lost in a fire. The photo of hands is really very that! Look forward to seeing your completed layout!

Georgine Stern said...

Sorry to hear that. How was it? Have you finished making the new layout for your barn? I'd like to see some pictures of your new barn if it's already done. I wish you have taken those rust out of the roof and repainted them with protective cover to make them resistant to climate. It'll also make the roof stronger and prone to dust.