Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby card

Notice there is no picture...I would have had a post for you tonight but my Imagine is NOT working properly. I think it has something to do with an old cart. I am trying to make a card using Wild Card. I have not updated my Imagine with the latest version - frankly it scares me to death. I put Wild Card cart in my Imagine, select my image, size it, then try to cut it...it runs through the "print" but doesn't pull the mat back through so it can even try to cut. I made sure there is no Imagine cart in the machine but that doesn't seem to matter. I tried a brand new mat, which by the way IS NOT STICKY...yeah I am frustrated tonight, sorry guys...I'll move my "Complaint Free World" braclet to the other arm now...


Love That Bug said...

Sorry to hear that you having problems with your Imagine. I would call PC and see if they can fix it for you.
I am still trying to decide if I want one or not. I really do, and hubby gave me the ok, but I am so nervous because I keep hearing horror stories.
Hope you get your working soon

Audrey Frelx said...

Hi, sweetie! That is exactly what the problem is; it will not cut or print an old cart unless you update. Fortunately, I did the first update and it was fine. However, like you, I'm terrified to try the update for the Gypsy sync -- already heard too many horror stories. I'll just wait until they work on it more. But you still might want to just do the cart update; shouldn't be a problem.

Can't wait to see you card, I know it's a cutie!