Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I'm back!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys - I am back!!!!!

What a crazy week it has been. No home phone, no electricity and no cell phone coverage for a couple of days. We have a generator, so that was very helpful. I felt guilty, knowing people sooo close to me were sifting through what was left.

The storm:
I felt like a storm chaser trying to get home before the first storm hit. We literally were running out of the school to get in our car and race home. As soon as we got home, we had to take the first safe place we could find. I sat and listened as it sounded like the roof was being pulled off my house, but it eventually got louder and louder and I knew it was hail...I was so thankful to hear that sound. We spent much of a 6- 7 hour period in our safe zone. The tornadoes kept coming, one after another and another. 2 came through our neighborhood, an EF5 and an EF2. I heard the EF5 - it sounded just like everyone says, a train.

I don't have pics of my area downloaded yet...but here are some pics of my family's property. We are all sooo happy no one we know was hurt. All the damaged property can be replaced...just going to take time to get it done.

This used to be a 50 x 90 ft shed. These are some old cars my dad wanted to give to his kids...now they are going to the junkyard. There are 2 Cadillacs, an El Camino, an old Impala (supposed to be mine) and his old farm truck.

This is a pic of a picnic area my dad built beside their house after he retired.

This is my sister in laws house. (she was married to my brother who passed away from a VERY short battle with cancer)...thank goodness she and the kids had just left the house before the tornado hit. The house will be bulldozed and rebuilt. It doesn't look so bad in the picture but almost everything inside was pretty much destroyed. Some of the rooms had everything thrown around everywhere you couldn't even walk in them.

Always take warnings seriously and take your safe place!


Love That Bug said...

Wow, wha ta nightmare. I have been watching all the news stories regarding all the storms and my heart aches for all the things people have lost, but most importantly for their lost loved ones. I am so so happy that you and your family are ok.
You are all in my prayers!
So sorry for the loss of your broher!
Many hugs

Tanya said...

Girl I am happy to see you posting again and so happy that you guys are all ok!! This one has really been something! We are south enough that we had no weather to speak of and my heart hurts for the many who lost everything. Especially those who lost loved ones. I really hate that your family suffered so much property damage, but at least that can be replaced, so happy to hear that your family is safe! Hugs to you and yes...take those warnings seriously!