Saturday, May 14, 2011

Audrey Imagine Cart

Stacy at posted about her finds on eBay so I followed her lead and bought some new Imagine carts. I have never been interested in the pattern carts but since they are so cheap on eBay I thought I would try out a few.

I previously had made a chore chart - more like a flip chart but it accidentally got thrown away before we ever used it. I thought it might be easier to use the Imagine pattern cart with the Chore Chart cart - and WOW it is!!!!

All the paper used for this project started out as white cardstock. I used the patterns to fill in the basic shapes and images. The only thing that is not created by the Imagine is the bug - it is a Cuttlekids die cut. I am going to use it for my Scrapbooking CHORE, hahaha!!!

In the picture there is homework, brush teeth, reading time, bed time and scrapbooking time. I am not finished but wanted to show you my idea.


Tanya said...

Can't wait to see your finished sounds like it is going to be great! Love the papers you have printed up...what yummy patterns. And I looooove that you made a scrapping "chore"!!

Love That Bug said...

Isn't Ebay great? I was shocked at how cheap carts are there. I am addicted now. Can't wait to see your finished project