Friday, May 20, 2011


Thank you Audrey for thinking of me, you are such a sweet scrapper and I am so happy to see you back posting regularly. Everyone check her out...she has a really neat blog!

To accept this award I must provide five (5) Cricut related things regarding myself:

1. I have a love hate relationship with my Imagine. At first I had a lot of problems with it and my husband almost threw it in the trash because it made me a very unhappy scrapper. Now it is working much better, yay!!!!!!!

2. I was inspired by Staci to buy Imagine pattern carts, which I thought I would never buy. They are so much fun to use, wish I had bought them sooner.

3. I have a Gypsy but I find it easier to work with DS for most projects.

4. I owned a baby bug when they first came out.

5. I have an Expression and I just lent it to a friend who doesn't scrapbook, but hopefully soon she will be a scrapper. :-)

Now I have to pass on to 5 lovely ladies:

1. Tanya
2. Staci
3. Linda
4. and 5. I am passing it on to all you Cricut Scrappers out there!!!!


Tanya said...

aaww...thank you sweet lady for thinking of me! How sweet of you to lend out your Cricut, your friend must be really special! Hope she enjoys it!

Ladybug said...

Thank you soooooo much for awarding me this cute li'l blog award. Very sweet of you, to think of me!!! :-)