Friday, May 20, 2011


I used heat transfer vinyl for this project. I had a hard time getting the vinyl to adhere to the cotton t-shirts. My husband came to the rescue only to get frustrated and walk away...and he is a very calm even tempered person. If anyone has any tips, I would greatly appreciate the advice.

When we decide what beach we are going to this summer, I plan to cut out that city and put above the top of the whale...I did this a few years ago with freezer paper and paint. The kids loved those shirts.

I hope to get some adhesive backed stones to add to my daughters shirt.

Blue and Pink are the only colors of heat set vinyl I have. I ordered 3 more colors from eBay tonight.

This was such a fun and rewarding project when I finally got the images ironed on the shirts. The kids were soooo excited.


Tanya said...

Your tee's turned out so, so cute! I bet your kids just loved them and I can just picture some bling added to them! I still haven't tried this the the shirt...just haven't done it! After seeing how cute your shirts turned out, maybe I'll try this weekend???

Stephanie said...

Simply adorable tshirts!

Audrey Frelx said...

Eva, you and hubby may have had a difficult time getting the adhesive to stick but they came out great! They look adorable!

Sorry I don't have any helpful hints, sweetie, but I've not even attempted the adhesive back vinyl yet!