Sunday, November 6, 2011

No 2 - Champs

We made it to the final game where we lost by 1 point. So proud of these boys and their sportsmanship. The coach said he got lots of compliments on how the team conducted themselves.

This was a lot harder on my son that I thought it would be. When I approached the bench, I saw some tears (from the other boys), I looked at my son and told him good game, and he just dropped his head. After the awards ceremony we all met at a new local yogurt shop and celebrated a great season (again). By the time we got home, my son was upset. He said this was his favorite coach (he meant coaches) and he is going to miss his teammates. After lots of hugs and words of encouragement, looking at the Scorpion website and the video daddy made, things were better.

My son attends a private school and 2 of the other guys on the team attend the same school, they are going to wear their jerseys tomorrow and the coach asked the principal to recognize them when they do the morning prayers and announcements.

Last week, my son pre-coordinated with his teacher to bring in his trophy and she said it should be a good day tomorrow.

Go Scorpions!


Tanya said...

What a wonderful accomplishment for your son and his team! I know how hard it is for kids to not be first. Believe me, I went through it for years when my boys were in sports and I know that it's tough on moms and dads also. After a day at school and the attention that will come with taking that trophy to school, I'm sure things will continue to look better and! It's just hard for them to understand what an awesome thing they have accomplished just because they don't have that number 1. Tell your son that Miss Tanya in Dothan is proud of him. My son used to play in high school and college and I know what a tough game it is...high five!

Audrey Frelx said...

Hey, yeeeeeeeaaaaa, they made it to the final! Too bad they lost by 1 lousy point but I'm still proud of them all because that is a major accomplishment and with a compliment from the coach too!!!

Poor baby, but not to worry, he'll be better soon!