Friday, December 2, 2011

Snowman Soup

(Click pictures to enlarge)

I am joining all of you who have ever made Snowman Soup. Never thought I would make these, but they have been a joy to make. So easy, esp when you have a wonderful 5 year old willing to help with every step.

The only thing we had a hard time with is getting the little marshmallows in the little bags...they kept falling on the counter, which meant, they must be eaten right then and there. ;-) She was so cute, her brother was off on a playdate and she wanted to save "the rest" of the marshmallows for him. Little girls can be so sweet!

I designed the topper using my Silhouette. The base is a card that has a perforated middle section so it is easy to fold. YAY! The background is a digi paper I bought from Etsy. The snow man and "Merry Christmas" are SIL files I purchased.

I am making at least 20 of these and about 15 of those goes to school (lunch room workers, PE teacher, music teacher, art teacher...) Their teachers get a nicer gift, hate that I can not afford a nice gift for all of them, they are all so important.

My husband just stole one of these to take to work. (I'll be making more.)


cricaholic said...

These are adorable. I might have to do something like this for my co-workers. TFS

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Thank you! I think your co-workers will love it! I'd love to see what you come up with, good luck!