Sunday, December 11, 2011

Initial Post It Covers

Post-It Note Magnetic Covers - PC and Silhouette vinyl

Before I altered the inside

After I altered the inside.

My daughter asked me the other day if she could have one of my post it notes. As I was shopping for pens today, I had an idea to get my daughter her own post it notes and this is what I found.

I also bought one for my son but didn't realize it had flowers on the inside until I got home. I added some embossed yellow (his favorite color) to the inside flaps to cover most of the flowers.

I know I could have made these covers, but they would not be as sturdy as these. For kids, I feel they need to be heavy duty, haha.

I plan to put these in their stockings with some mini pens.

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Tanya said...

aaawww...these are really cute! My Emma looooves sticky notes. Oh my goodness, she will go through a whole pack of them and stick little notes all over her Papa's office if she has a chance! Love this little idea and need to make Miss Emma some (maybe she will leave mine alone!)