Saturday, April 17, 2010

More Letterpress Ink and Cuttlebug

I am loving this technique.

This time I used the A and C plates. I added some of the A2 Letterpress paper to the C plate (to make it thicker). I used painters tape to hold down the the extra paper (padding) and to hold down the paper I was debossing on and on the embossing plate. I do not reccommend using the painter tape with the Letterpress paper, it will remove a layer when you pull the tape away. However, you can use the painter tape with regular cardstock.

You will have to play with your embossing plates and CB plates to see what thickness is going to work best for each embossing plate. I am finding out, they are not all the same.

Since I bought a brayer at HL yesterday, I didn't need to buy the Letterpress set however, I did need the base for the paint...I found out the Zutter acrylic binder cover works great!!!!!!!!!

The Letterpress wipes are wonderful and clean up everything without any stains. My daughter even got some of the paint on the table and it wiped up easily using the Letterpress wipe.

This is so much fun!!! I hope you guys will join me in playing with debossing!!!

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217 Creations said...

Just awesome! I cannot wait to try!