Sunday, April 4, 2010

Letterpress Machine

Went to Hobby Lobby tonight to get a few Copic Markers and I saw the new Letterpress Machine accessories. I have not heard about this machine but it soooo looks like a lot of fun. The paper seemed a little expensive but it was really thick so I bet it is worth the money. I am going next week to check it out again.

Anyone know anything about this new machine?


Anonymous said...

I too was excited to hear about this machine - the one from Lifestyle crafts. Upon further research, though, I don't think I'll add it to my craft toys - it is expensive and seems that results have been mixed from posts I've read.

It's not real letterpress, just a glorified stamping machine.

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

My stamping bites...maybe it would help me out a bit? Seems like it is like a Cuttlebug...for Stamping.

mja-tx said...

If you would like too, we could meet at Once Upon a Scrapbook sometime. Delores has one of these and I'm sure we could get a demo.