Friday, February 8, 2013

Keep Calm and Carry Yarn Card

I made this card for my friend Ann, who gave me a gift card for Michaels for my birthday.  I had the flu at the time, then Christmas came, and New I am a little late in sending this thank you card. 

Ann crochets and knitts, so I thought this would be an appropriate card for her. 

I bought the phrase from the Silhouette Store.  The card template and the frame were also purchased from the Silhouette Store.  I offset the frame so I could add another layer to the card.  I used Martha Stewart card stock...I love her card stock, it is so thick.  I might have to go stock up on some more now that I have a gift card.  ;-)

1 comment:

Tanya/Nonna said...

Now that's just cute! I love all of the "keep calm and...." phrases! This is perfect for your crocheting friend!