Sunday, October 17, 2010

Projects by my 4 year old

Die cut made by K and Company. Glitter glue - she said are rain drops.

How cute is this little guy on the stripe paper?

This is my scrap paper - I didn't realize I had to have the paper a certain size for the punch around the page - heeheee. She wanted to use this anyway. This is her first stamp and stamp pad. We found them at Michaels for 1.00 each. She had so much fun playing with scrappy stuff. I'm happy to have someone in the house who also likes to scrap.

She has already edited the puppy page and once it dries, I will post another picture of it. It's so cute!

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Audrey Frelx said...

Awwww, girlfriend, how cute! She actually did a great job! Two scrappers in the house, huh? Well, if I were you I'd start getting uncomfortable, she's off to a terrific start!!! LOL!