Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Imagine - Owl Card

Lots of 3D on this one. I used the Imagine Nursery Tails cart to make this card. Everything was cut at 5". All paper started as white paper, except the pink card. I feel like this owl is saying "HI!" or "Hello!" So I may add that later to the front of the card.

I made this just for fun. Fall break starts tomorrow so the homework load was lighter tonight and I got my work finished early, so I had a little time to play before bed time. I have to mention, my husband vaccumed the house today (without being asked-wow I know!!!!). WAAHHHOOOO!!!! Shout out to him - if he happens to read my post in the next few days. ♥ ya honey!

1 comment:

Audrey Frelx said...

This is just the cutest card!!! Can't believe you did it "just because" -- lol!!!

What a great hubby deed the hubby did for you! It's frightening how thoughtful they can be sometimes, huh? But how sweet they are!