Friday, October 22, 2010

Imagine Update

Oh - I can't get the Imagine update to work for me...bummer. I can say...I think my Imagine makes better cuts than my baby bug and my Expression. I do hope they come out with some good far not much out there I am interested in...hopefully I will be able to get the update to work and then they will do another update so we can print and cut our images from the Gypsy. Oh- yes, I finally broke down and bought the Gypsy since it was on sale and I thought it might help with the Imagine.

I really wish PC had better communication. I know a lot of people are having problems with the update and people are confused - was there an update today or not...???

I'm off to play with my Imagine and Paper Doll Dress Up, my son wants to decorate his bedroom door with some Halloween images.

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Audrey Frelx said...

Hope you get that update to work out okay. I hate updating my machines! I've, so far, never had a problem but I always expect to because so many others have had so many problems -- I've just been lucky I guess (knock on wood)!!!