Sunday, September 13, 2009

Recipe Box

I found a recipe box at Michael's for .60. I decided to cover it with some patterned paper. Next I used DS to make tab dividers the perfect size (from the "Fabulous Finds" cart)...Then I used the "Sweethearts" cart to make the cartoches. Inside the cartoches, I wrote "Dinner", "Sides" and "Desserts" using the Cricut markers (multi-cut x 2). I also used the markers to outline the cartoche. Then I cut the cartoche with the Cricut blade.
For the tab dividers, I wanted them to be thick. I used cereal boxes to make them thicker...on the back side, I just used a solid color of cardstock.

I created my recipes in PowerPoint. Printed them on cardstock. Then I used "YourStory" to laminate them. Now when I used them...I can wipe them off if they get dirty while I cook.

(Click image to make it larger)

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