Saturday, September 26, 2009

Martha Stewart Pre-made boxes

I bought these boxes from Michael's on clearance. There are 24 in a package and they were 5.99 on clearance.
I decided to decorate a few for upcoming seasons.

To cover the bag, I left the bag flat, mesaured the paper (which is makingmemories -Autom Splendor 4x6 sheets). One sheet covers the front and one side...then turn the box over and repeat covering the back and the other side.

I made this Scarecrow using the Cricut PaperDolls cart. I cut the doll at 4. I cut the head seperately at 1 1\2 (real size - this is the only thing cut with "Real Size"). The shirt is cut at 3 1/8 and the pants are cut at 4. Hat was also cut at 4.

I had to cut off the hands and feet...boohoo! I free handed the pole. I ran the doll through my Xyron and then placed raffia on top of the sticky side. I taped the raffia in the top of the hat...then had to cut out a back for the hat.

To make the Santa Suit, I covered the box with red paper. The I added a 1" x 8 1/2" white strip. Next I added the black strip - which is 1/2" x 8 1/2". The red straps are criss-crossed in the back and are 1/2" wide. I tucked the excess behind the red on the bottom of the bag. Buckle- I don't have a square punch so I used DS to make a 1" square (George Cart) and then I made a smaller square to fit inside the 1" square so it would look like buckle. Finally I added some trim I got at HL during Valentine's season.

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