Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cathedral Caverns

A friend we played with while we waited for our tour.

Tom and Huck (the movie) was filmed here and this is where they came out of the tunnel...I haven't seen the movie but I am going to ASAP.

Cool picture taken on the tour.

This is the opening to the cave, have you ever seen anything like this? Over 100 ft wide!

We visited Cathedral Caverns today with some friends. It was such an awesome experience. They offer an extended tour - it requires long pants and boots, it involves walking a tight path that is only about 20 inches wide, climbing rocks, and even crawling through a 7 foot tunnel... we are soooooo going to do it!!!!!!!!!!! It takes about 5 hours but the view is supposed to be even more awesome than what we saw today.

Not sure I will actually "scrapbook" this experience but I may do a layout of my husband folding laundry today...HAHAHAHA!!!! (I really did take pics of him folding laundry!!!)


Audrey Frelx said...

Great pics!!! Your poor hubby! Can't even fold laundry without you coming along snapping a picture of him being domesticated...LOL!!!

Hugs, sweetie!

Love That Bug said...

Great pics, except for that yucky green bug. I don't like any kind of green one that changes colors :)
You have to do a layout of your hubby folding laundry this way I can show my hubby that some men do fold clothes and not just throw them in drawers