Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cricut Shirt

I made the decorations for this shirt using my friend Whitney's detailed instructions. I was surprised at how easy this was...thanks to all of her hard work :-)


Garanimals T-Shirt

Heat N Bond (found at Wal-Mart)

Artist Spray Adhesive


Liquid Applique


I cut the image 3 times. Ironed it on. Then sewed on the buttons.


Whitney Lamp said...

I am soooo glad this worked easily for you, I get a headache just thinking about all the stuff I tried before I found what worked. Go GRANIMALS!!! YAY I LOVE their stuff good quality, cheap and perfect for crafts! So cute and the buttons are just icing on the cake!

mja-tx said...

Very cute. I am now convinced that I need to try this out. Hopefully, the two projects will turn out as well as yours and Whitney's.