Friday, March 2, 2012

Safe in AL

Just wanted to check-in. I know some of you know I live in AL and our town was hit with numerous tornadoes last April. Our town was the first to experience tornadoes this morning, it came so quickly and was so scarey. I packed up and went across town bc they said it was supposed to be bad much of the day and I live in tornado alley. Thank goodness today was not as bad as 4.27.11 although there are many people who have lost their home today, including a coworker of my husband. He is in my prayers along with all those suffering tonight.


Tanya said...

So happy to hear that you and your family are safe and sound! But sad to hear about your co-worker along with so many others who have suffered. These storms have been terrible for the last couple of years. So far we have had only heavy rains and some thunderstorms. It's supposed to storm most of tomorrow also. I'm ready for some blue skies! Continue to be on the lookout and stay safe my friend!

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

Stay safe today Tanya!!!

Audrey Frelx said...

Sweetie, I am soooo happy you are well!!! I'm very sorry about your hubby's co-worker though! My heart always goes out to those who suffer loses!

I do hope you didn't have any damages to any of your property! I didn't realize you were so frequently in those tornadoes path because I would have been worried to death. Now I will be, so I'll be sending up "knee-mails" everytime I hear you're having even just a little rumble!

Hugs, sweetie! Take good care!