Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Card Set

Envelope (hand cut)

Card and embossed liner on envelope

Embossed Seal on envelope flap

I made these cards for S.O.S. She is not a girly girl and has asked me to make cards for her before and she wanted them very plain, so that is what I did with this set. My favorite is the black and white. I love all the embossing. The "D" is cut from vinyl and looks wonderful on the card. I put a mounting square on the back of the seal so she can remove the sticker backing and seal the envelope.

Wish I could have made more but I think I am done with this project. I am a slow scrapper. It took me 3 nights to finish these cards. I would like to make 1 more card to match the black and white card, but not sure I have the time.


Tanya said...

oooohhh...these are so, so pretty! I love the layers and simple design, very elegant! My favorite has to be that black and white combo also. The embossing and layered envelope is just stunning...love it!

Audrey Frelx said...

These are soooo pretty, my sweet friend!!! You've been pretty busy lately creating these wonderful and adorable cards!

Love That Bug said...

These turned out so well. I love the black and white one as well. Very elegant
Hugs, Stacy