Monday, September 26, 2011


My daughter's kindergarten class is studying space this week. I made these orbiters and I am going to send them in tomorrow. Her teacher is having a shuttle dog lunch on Friday and I thought she could use these as the nameplates for the kids.

I had a hard time making these as the layers were hard to glue on. I had decided to just leave it and not do anything but then I remembered, wait this is the SIL so I colored all my layers then put them in place and grouped them. Next, I printed them using the registration marks so my SIL will know where to cut them and VOILA, here they are! I freehanded the rutter in the SIL software and even put the slit in the oribter so I could insert the rutter and fold it over.

I worked on this for a while today and I am happy with the results...even if it is missing some details.

Oh- I forgot to add, I cut strips of black paper about 1" x 8 1/2" folded it in half and then taped to the back of the orbiter...that is how they are standing.

There are only 10 kids in my daughter's class, how cool is that? She has an awesome teacher and we are loving the class! I hope her teacher likes the orbiters.


Tanya said...

Wow...those turned out so great! Those kids are going to go wild when they see, so cool! I can just imagine how excited your daughter is going to be to give these to her!

Audrey Frelx said...

Those will make adorable nameplates for the kids, and what a perfect project complement!!! They're adorable! Great job on them!