Saturday, March 6, 2010

Soap Rose Bouquet

Found these soap roses at Michael's.


WIMG cart
E6000 (glue)

First, paint the dowells. I put a hole in the bottom of the rose, then pushed the rose onto the dowell. I cut out leaves from WIMG at 3/4" and 1"...using different styles of leaves. Under each rose, I put a dab of E6000 so the rose would not slide down the dowell.

I thought this would be cool for my Mom's birthday. The soap can be used to wash hands or in the bath. To wash hands, simply remove on petal and wash hands with the petal. To use in the bath, dissolve on rose in bath water.


paperscissors said...

i never would have bought these roses as i would not have considered them very practical but after reading your post i see how easily they could be used! are they very delicate, do they crumble at all when putting sowel through?

ScrapCrazyyyy! said...

They did not crumble at all. The only problem I had - they would open too much after I had handled them too much. I liked the closed rose bud look better.