Friday, March 12, 2010

I need 15 Beautiful Blogs!!!!

EAS Creations just awarded me with a Beautiful Blogger award - WOW - thanks!!!!!!!

I need 15 beautiful bloggers to give this award to soon!

I'm off to search for beautiful blogs!


paperscissors said...

congrats on your beautiful blogger award! from my visit today, i say well deserved! funny story of how i got here...i was on the cricut mb where i saw your response re buyer's remorse about cuttlebug. you commented that it was worth the $$ just for embossing! i absolutely agreed and looked to see who commented when i saw your brillant and colourful avatar, i had to come look at your blog!!! the funny part...i only turned on the ability to see avatars because i wanted to see the funny hats on the gypsy forum and forgot to turn it off (loading the avatars and emotion icons slows the loading time)! so it is by chance i found you but i'll be back as i am now a follower!!!

paperscissors said...

yes i have received the award, thank you for asking. after you left i posted the images to the side post but some people have been getting duplicate awards, i'm certain you will find deserving bloggers!

paperscissors said...

i have something on my blog for you! i must pass this on to 5 of my followers, linking them within my post and asking them to put the logo on their blog or within a post.