Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I drew my own cut file!

Free handed on tablet.

Opened image in Silhouette Studio, used the trace feature to create my cut file.

Here I did the same thing, except the cut is an outline of the girl.  The green border was just to make the file look pretty, I didn't need it so I cropped it out for this purpose.

After purchasing a few cut files this weekend, I thought to my self, "Self, you might be able to make your own cut files".  After much research, I found a free app that I liked enough to spend some time learning tonight.

I can't draw at all.  Well...I am pretty good at stick figures, haha.  I was happy with how this turned out though.  It was just for fun - and I was happy it worked with the Silhouette software so easily!

My daughter and I created a couple of pictures with this app.  They were not created to be used with the Silhouette, but they turned out nice so I am sharing with you.  So much fun!  My son gets to play with it tomorrow, he was busy tonight.

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