Monday, May 24, 2010

6 year old's Sunflower Painting

This is my son's first canvas painting. His inspiration was something he drew/colored in art class. We made the green paint color by mixing the yellow and blue. :-) Thank goodness for those Glad commercials when I was growing up! haha!!!

He wrote all kinds of information on the side of the canvas, like his name and that he painted it after school.

He has been wanting to paint on canvas since I painted the owl on canvas...he didn't know I had canvas hidden in the closet for him, I was just waiting for the perfect time to pull it out and today was the day. He had so much fun and was proud of himself...Mommy was proud too!


Veronica's Cricut Creations said...

Wow this is amazing!! He has lots of talent for his age (:

Rhonda Emery said...

great job I love art that children do it will bring memories of a life time for him and you

BeeBeebabs said...

Your son did a great job tfs